The Core Indicators Project depends on the volunteer time of public health professionals across Ontario with diverse expertise.  Our volunteers include analytic specialists such as epidemiologists and analysts, from Ontario's 36 local public health units, as well as our partner organizations including Public Health Ontario (PHO), and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC).  For specific indicators and topic areas, we often have subject matter experts volunteering from other public health agencies and professional organizations, universities and other academic institutions.  Our volunteers reflect the geographical regions in Ontario. 
This highly motivated group perform all Core Indicators project activities including indicator development, revision and review, assessment of indicator and data gaps, and all supporting research.  


Organizational Structure of the Core Indicators Project 

The Core Indicators Work Group (CIWG) is the central steering committee for the Core Indicators Project, responsible for indicator management, policies and procedures, strategic planning, promotion, etc.  is the central were developed by the Core Indicators Work Group.

Indicator development is done by the Core Indicator subgroups, which each specialize in different public health issues and topics.  The lead of each subgroup also sits on the CIWG.

Currently, there are five active subgroups developing and revising indicators related to:

Updated: April 27, 2017