The Core Indicators for Public Health in Ontario is the product of many people working over many years. First and foremost, thanks to the members of the Core Indicators Work Group, formerly the Provincial Health Indicators Working Group (see Members for the full list) who poured their energy into the project, some for many years, and some through many job changes. Honourable mention goes to Chairman Mary-Anne Pietrusiak and members Ruth Sanderson and Julie Stratton who were with the project right from the first meeting in February 1998 and persevered through many iterations. Kudos to the various employers of the PHIWG members that gave the go ahead to use "company" time for a provincial initiative.

The initial website would not have been created without Sten Ardal of the (disbanded) Central East Health Information Partnership (CEHIP) who had the insight and generosity to hire Seneca student Julia Silkova. She used her tremendous skill to make the Core Indicators website a reality. PHIWG member Sherri Ennis proved invaluable not only with the website supervision but with content decisions as well. And thanks to Paul Lee of CEHIP and Krys Gutkowski of the Durham Region Health Department who continued to work on the website once Julia and Sherri were no longer at CEHIP.

The current version of the Core Indicators and APHEO website is thanks to Lee Sieswerda, Ruth Sanderson, and a grant from the Ministry of Health Promotion.

Thank you to Anna Goral and Jill Mallon who worked on the Ontario Health Status Report during 1998 and contributed greatly to the Core Indicators during this crucial time.

We also appreciate the efforts of Ruth Diaz, Anne Marie Holt and Andrea Smith who worked on various aspects of the project as epidemiology students of the University of Toronto.

Jason Gilmoreā€™s regular correspondence and support provided very useful insight into the Health Indicators of Statistics Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information, allowing for more coordinated efforts between this project and the Core Indicators.

Thank you also the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and now the Ministry of Health Promotion, specifically Elizabeth Rael, who provided a location, refreshments, and lunches for our marathon meetings.

Finally, we appreciate the input of the many reviewers who commented on all drafts of the indicators.


  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
  • Ministry of Health Promotion
  • Statistics Canada
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Cancer Care Ontario
  • Ontario Tobacco Research Unit
  • Institute for Clinical Evaluative Science
  • University of Toronto
  • The Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion 
Plus numerous other groups that are consulted as indicators are written and revised.  


Reviewers and Contributors

July 4, 2008 - July 3, 2009 (Core Indicators for Chronic Disease and Risk Factor Surveillance grant)

Amanda Tavares, Region of Waterloo Public Health
Anjali Misra, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
Anna Chiarelli, Cancer Care Ontario
Beth Theis, Cancer Care Ontario
Brenda Wannell, Statistics Canada
Carol Paul, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Chee Wong, Ministry of Health Promotion
Dawn Marvin, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Deborah Carr, Oxford County, Public Health & Emergency Services
Denise De Pape, BC Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport
Diane Nishri, Cancer Care Ontario
Doug Manuel, Ottawa Health Research Institute
Elizabeth Rael, Ministry of Health Promotion
Ellen Chan, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Emma Tucker, Halton Region Health Department
Erin Pichora, Cancer Care Ontario
Frank Shi, Eastern Ontario Health Unit
Heather Thomas, Middlesex-London Health Unit
Jaime Chow, Durham Region Health Department
Jay Onysko, Public Health Agency of Canada
Jennifer Jenkins, Halton Regional Health Department
Jennifer Skinner, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit
JoAnn Heale, Ministry of Health & Long Term Care
John Barbaro, Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit
Julie Mandeville, Statistics Canada
Julie Stratton, Region of Peel Public Health
Karey Iron, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences
Katherine Russell, Ottawa Public Health
Kathy Moran, Regional Municipality of York
Katrice Edgar, Public Health Services Department, City of Hamilton
Krista Burns, Ministry of Health Promotion
Laurie Elit, McMaster University
Lee Sieswerda, Thunder Bay District Health Unit
Lisa Pogany, Public Health Agency of Canada
Loraine Marrett, Cancer Care Ontario
Lorna Larsen, Ministry of Health Promotion
Mary O'Brien, Halton Region Health Department
Mary-Anne Pietrusiak, Durham Region Health Department
Maurizzio Colarossi, Region of Peel Public Health
Michael King, Sudbury & District Health Unit
Michael Spinks, South East LHIN (formerly Cancer Care Ontario)
Norman Giesbrecht, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
OPHA Food Security Workgroup
Pat Vanderkoy, Region of Waterloo Public Health
Robbi Howlett, Cancer Care Ontario
Robert Mann, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
Saira Bahl, Cancer Care Ontario
Scott Leatherdale, Cancer Care Ontario
Shailee Tanna, Middlesex-London Health Unit
Shanna Hoetmer, York Region Community and Health Services
Shawn O'Connor, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Sherri Deamond, Durham Region Health Department
Stephen Drew, Region of Waterloo Public Health
Susan Bondy, University of Toronto
Suzanne Sinclair, Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Public Health
Sylvain Tremblay, Statistics Canada
Verna Mai, Cancer Care Ontario
Vicky Majpruz, Cancer Care Ontario
Vikki Edwards, City of Hamilton Public Health Services
Youth and Adult Substance Misuse working groups and Injury Prevention, Durham Region Health Department

Previous years: 

Camille Achonu, Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion 
Chris Altmayer, Halton-Peel District Health Council
Linda Baigent, Essex Kent Lambton DHC
Sandra Bennett, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Catherine Bingle, Simcoe County District Health Unit
Pat Brown, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit
Deane Burns, Deane L. Burns Consulting
Terry Delmore, Halton Region Health Department
Jason Gilmore, Statistics Canada
Effie Gournis, Toronto Public Health
JoAnn Heale, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Eric Holowaty, Cancer Care Ontario
Philippa Holowaty, McMaster University
Michelle Hooper, Health Canada 
Meera Jain, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Rebecca Kong, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics
Stephanie Loomer, Thames Valley District Health Council
Neil MacKenzie, Windsor Essex Health Unit
Darshaka Malaviarachchi, Sudbury and District Health Unit
Ameeta Mathur, Toronto Public Health
Neil Mattes, Durham Region Health Department
Stephanie McFaul, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit
Arsalan Monavvari, St. Michael's Hospital and William Osler Health Centre
Kathy Moran, Durham Region Health Department
Lee-Ann Nalezyty, Northwestern Ontario District Health Council
Wil Ng, Toronto Public Health
Chine Nkado, Health Planner, Region of Peel Health Department
My-Yen Quach, Health Canada
Rolf Puchtinger, Huron County Health Unit
Elizabeth Rea, Toronto Public Health
Anne E. Rhodes, University of Toronto and St. Michael's Hospital
Hilary Robinson, Health Canada
Carol Smith Romeril, Durham and Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Council
Bill Ryding, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit
Vic Sahai, Northern Health Information Partnership
Jennifer Sarkella, Southwest Region Health Information Partnership
Rebecca Stuart, Toronto Public Health
Susan Taylor-Clapp, Health Canada
Kamila Tomcik, City of Ottawa, People Services Department
Sylvain Tremblay, Statistics Canada 
Yvonne Tyml, Middlesex-London Health Unit
Jane Ying, Toronto Public Health