Past Conferences & Workshops

2016 Workshop: Unconference
Location: Hamilton, Sheraton Hamilton Hotel
Date: Nov 6-8, 2016
Chair: Caitlyn Paget  

2015 Conference: Effective Communication of Epidemiological Information

Location: London, Delta London Armouries Hotel
Date: June 14-16, 2015
Chair: Sarah Edwards 

2014 Workshop: Core Indicators - Making it Count in Public Health

Location: Toronto, Eaton Chelsea
Date: Sept 15-16, 2014
Chairs: Brenda Guarda & Ahalya Mahendra

2013 Conference: Breaking Boundaries in Equity and Accountability
Location: Niagara Falls, Fallsview Hilton Hotel
Date: June 9-11, 2013
Chair: Deborah Moore

2012 Spring Workshop: Social Media as a Tool for Public Health
Location: Toronto, Sheraton Centre Toronto
Date: April 5
Chair: Adam van Dijk


2011 Conference: Navigating Uncharted Waters
Location: Barrie, Horseshoe Valley Resort
Date: May 15-17
Chair: Stephanie Wolfe


2010 Fall Workshop: OPHS for Epis - Figuring out the Foundations
Location: Toronto, Chestnut Place
Date: September 20-21
Chair: Joanna Oliver


2009 Conference: Joint Conference with CSEB
Location: Ottawa, The Ch√Ęteau Laurier Hotel
Date: May 25-29
Chairs: Monica Bienefeld (APHEO) & James Gomes (CSEB)


2008 Conference: Epidemiologic methods for investigation of communicable disease outbreaks at the local level
Location: Waterloo, Region of Waterloo Public Health / Best Western St. Jacobs Country Inn
Date: October 23-24
Chair: Anne Arthur


2007 Conference: Explaining the Miracle: Statistics and Analysis in Public Health
Location: Ottawa, Ottawa Mariott
Date: October 14-16
Chair: Suzanne Sinclair


2006 Conference: Key Databases in Public Health: An Epi's Guide to the Galaxy
Location: London, London Delta Armouries Hotel
Date: October 15-17
Chair: Shelley Stalker


2005 Conference: Understanding Healthy Lifestyles: Measuring & Monitoring Behavioural Risk Factors
Location: Cornwall, The NAV CANADA Centre
Date: September
Chair: Gamil Shahein


2004 Conference: Surveillance and Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases in Ontario: The New Normal
Location: Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls Hilton Hotel
Date: October 3-5
Chair: Mary Lou Decou


2003 Conference: Measuring the Marigolds: The Epidemiology of Children's Health
Location: Kingston, Howard Johnson Hotel
Date: October 15-17
Chair: Elizabeth Rolland


2002 Conference: Measuring Environmental Impacts on Health
Location: Grand Bend, Oakwood Inn Resort and Golf
Date: September 29-October 1
Chair: Sherri Ennis


2001 Conference: GIS Tools for Mapping Public Health
Location: Huntsville, Deerhurst Resort
Date: September 30-October 2
Chair: Salwa Bishay


2000 Conference: SURVEILLANCE IN PUBLIC HEALTH: From Collection To Intervention
Location: Oshawa, The Holiday Inn
Date: November 16-17
Chairs: Kathy Moran & Philippa Holowaty


1999 Conference: BROADER DETERMINANTS OF PUBLIC HEALTH: What We Need To Know Now
Location: Hamilton, Royal Connaught Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel
Date: November 19-20
Chair: Adam Stevens


1998 Conference: Qualitative Research
Location: Toronto, Toronto Airport-Wyndham Bristol Place
Date: November
Chair: Mary Lou Decou


1997 Conference: Survey Methods
Location: Mississauga, Radisson Hotel
Date: November
Chairs: Kathryn Dore & Sherri Ennis


1996 Conference: Program Evaluation
Location: Toronto, Delta Chelsea Hotel
Date: November
Chair: Brenda Suggett


1995 Conference: Musculoskeletal Disorders
Location: Alton, Millcroft
Chairs: Mary-Anne Pietrusiak & Lee Ann Nalezyty


1994 Conference: Cluster Analysis
Location: Niagara, Pillar and Post Inn
Chair: Lili Davis-Burchat


1993 Conference: Perinatal Health
Location: Toronto, University of Toronto