Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of being an APHEO member?

As a member of APHEO, you will:

  • Interact with experts in the field of public health epidemiology in Ontario through our various forums/listservs, working groups, key events, and conferences
  • Become involved and influence the direction of public health epidemiology practice, through working groups on core indicators, analysis strategies, data sources, and strategic planning
  • Participate in professional development opportunities and assist in building capacity for knowledge exchange in Ontario
  • Receive notifications of job postings
  • Attend and participate in our engaging conferences and workshops at a discounted rate

As a member of APHEO, your organization will:

  • Benefit from comparability of health status measures through standardization of methods
  • Maintain best practices and current techniques in the field of public health epidemiology
  • Support a health-status evidence base at the local and provincial level
  • Enable your staff to gain connections with and contribute to external boards, such as the Association of Local Public Health Agencies (alPHa) and the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA), representing the public health epidemiological perspective
  • Access to a free job posting board for a vast and comprehensive membership list reaching all of Ontario and across Canada

How do APHEO members communicate with each other?

  • Listserv/forum
  • Membership contact lists
  • Workgroups
  • Three online general meetings a year
  • Annual workshop/conference
  • An upcoming social media strategy

How is APHEO situated in the context of Public Health in Ontario?

What are some examples of APHEO's key contributions and recent work?

  • Ongoing revision and development of core indicators
  • Advocated to reinstate the long-form census
  • New website with better functionality to support member work and communication
  • Annual workshop or conference events
  • Networking opportunities through involvement with workgroups and our listserv/forum
  • Key indicators and other resources
  • Coordination of epidemiology-related matters provincially
  • Modernization of the Ontario Public Health Standards

What are some ways to get involved?

  • Annual workshop/conference planning and/or attendance
  • Website working group to improve web functionality in support of membership
  • Building capacity for small, rural, and Northern Health Units
  • Core indicators working groups
  • Executive committee membership
  • General meeting attendance
  • Social media workgroup