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For a list of identified issues with existing indicators please refer to the Identified Indicator/Resource Issues page.

Indicator Known Issue1 Last Date Revised2 Status3
1. Population      
Population by Age and Sex   Mar 2010  
Population Growth   May 2010  
Projected Population Growth   May 2014  
Dependency Ratios   Apr 2011  
Urban and Rural Population   2010 Under Revision
Aboriginal Population (PDF)   Feb 2017  
Immigrant Population   May 2006 Under Revision
Ethnic/Cultural Origin (PDF)   Jan 2017  
Visible Minority Population (PDF)   Apr 2015 Under Revision
Mother Tongue (PDF)   Apr 2015  
  Mar 2014  
Knowledge of Official Languages (PDF) (formerly Percent Who Cannot Speak English or French)   May 2017  
2. Environment and Health      
2A. Social Environment and Health      
Labour Force Indicators   Jan 2013  
Low Income Rate   Jul 2013  
Income Inequality / Median Share of Income   Jul 2013  
Housing Affordability   Jan 2013  
Family Structure (PDF) (formerly Lone-parent Families)   Nov 2016  
Living Arrangements (PDF)   May 2015  
Education Level   Aug 2013  
Food Insecurity   Jan 2011 Under Revision
Cost of a Nutritious Food Basket   Jun 2009  
Commuting Population   Jul 2014  
Sense of Community Belonging (PDF)   Jun 2017  
2B. Physical Environment and Health      
Posted Bathing Beaches   May 2006 Needs Update
Air Quality   Apr 2006 Needs Update
Municipal Drinking Water Quality   Apr 2006 Needs Update
Water Advisories   May 2006 Needs Update
Private Well Water Testing   May 2006 Needs Update
2C. Built Environment and Health      
Population Density   Nov 2012  
Land Use Mix   Nov 2011  
Proximity to Community Focal Point   Dec 2011  
Network Characteristics (DOC)   Mar 2013  
Traffic Calming Measures (DOC)   Jun 2013  
Percentage of Posted Speed Limits (DOC)   Apr 2014  
Urban Geographic Food Retail Accessibility Indicator (PDF)   Apr 2018 New
3. Mortality, Morbidity and Health-Related Quality of Life      
All-Cause Mortality   Jul 2013  
Potentially Avoidable Mortality   Feb 2015  
Potential Years of Life Lost   Jun 2006 Needs Update
Life Expectancy   Jun 2006 Needs Update
Health Expectancy   Jun 2006 Needs Update
All-Cause Hospitalization Yes Jul 2013 Needs Update
Rate of Days of Hospitalization   Jan 2003 Needs Update
Average Length of Stay   Jan 2003 Needs Update
Self-Rated Health   Jun 2006 Needs Update
Long-term Disability and Activity Restriction   Jun 2006 Needs Update
Need for Assistance with Activities of Daily Living   Jun 2004 Needs Update
4. Chronic Disease and Injuries      
4A. Chronic Diseases      
Chronic disease mortality   Jul 2013  
Chronic disease hospitalization   Jul 2013  
Chronic health problems prevalence   Jun 2009  
4B. Cancer Incidence and Early Detection of Cancer      
Cancer incidence   Oct 2014  
Cancer mortality   Oct 2014  
Screening mammography Yes Jun 2009 Needs Update
Cervical cancer screening Yes Jun 2009 Needs Update
Colorectal cancer screening Yes Jun 2009 Needs Update
4C. Injury Prevention and Substance Abuse Prevention      
Injury-related mortality   Nov 2012  
Injury-related hospitalization   Nov 2012  
Injury-related emergency department visits   Nov 2012  
Fall-related mortality   Nov 2012  
Fall-related hospitalization   Nov 2012  
Neurotrauma-related hospitalization   Nov 2012  
Self-reported injury   Nov 2012  
Illicit drug use   Nov 2012  
Seat belt use   Nov 2012  
Child car restraint use   Nov 2012  
Cell phone use and text messaging while driving   Oct 2012  
Motor vehicle traffic collision injuries   Jan 2003 Needs Update
Alcohol-related injury and mortality from motor vehicle traffic collisions   Oct 2004 Needs Update
Suicide mortality   Nov 2012  
Intentional self-harm related hospitalization   Nov 2012  
Suicidal thoughts and attempts   Nov 2012  
5. Behaviour and Health      
5A. Smoking      
Smoking status   Jun 2009  
Smoke-free homes   Jun 2009  
Non-smoker second-hand smoke exposure   Jun 2009  
Minor's access to tobacco   Jun 2009  
Smoking cessation   Jun 2009  
Smoking attributable mortality   Jun 2009  
5B. Alchohol      
Alcohol attributable hospitalizations guideline for selected chronic diseases and injuries   Nov 2014  
Underage alcohol drinking   Jun 2009  
Drinking in excess of low-risk drinking guidelines   Oct 2013  
Heavy drinking episodes   Jun 2009  
Drinking and driving prevalence   Jun 2009  
5C. Physical Activity      
Leisure-time physical activity   Jun 2009  
Screen time   Jun 2011  
5D. Nutrition and healthy weights      
Adult body mass index   Jun 2009  
Adolescent body mass index   Jun 2009  
Vegetable and fruit consumption   Nov 2010  
5E. Ultraviolet radiation exposure    
Ultraviolet radiation exposure   Jun 2009  
6. Family Health      
6A. Sexual Health      
Youth sexual activity   Apr 2004 Needs Update
Age of sexual debut Yes Apr 2004 Needs Update
Number of sexual partners   Apr 2004 Needs Update
Frequency of condom use among those at risk for STDs Yes Apr 2004 Needs Update
Condom use the last time among those at risk for STDs   Apr 2004 Needs Update
6B. Reproductive Health      
Crude birth rate   Jan 2013  
Fertility rates   Jan 2013  
Total fertility rate   Jan 2013  
Pregnancy rate   Jan 2013  
Preterm birth rate   Jan 2013  
Multiple birth rate   Jan 2013  
Birth weights   Jan 2014  
Congenital anomalies   Jan 2013  
Congenital infections   Oct 2012 Needs Update
Perinatal mortality and stillbirth rates   Jan 2013  
Neonatal and infant mortality rates   Jan 2013  
Age of parent at infant's birth    Feb 2013  
Folic acid supplementation   Jan  2013  
Smoking during pregnancy   Jan 2013  
Gestational weight gain (PDF)   Jul 2016
Maternal mental health (PDF)   Jun 2016
Alcohol and substance exposures during pregnancy (PDF)   Jun 2017 New
6C. Child and Adolescent Health      
Child and adolescent mortality   Jun 2004 Needs Update
Child and adolescent hospitalization Yes Jun 2004 Needs Update
Breastfeeding initiation and duration   Jul 2004 Needs Update
Infant feeding (PDF)   Dec 2016
deft/DMFT index     Needs Update
Caries-free children     Needs Update
Children with dental treatment needs     Needs Update
Fluorosis index     Needs Update
Tooth decay (PDF) + (link to Appendix 1)   Dec 2015  
Self-rated Oral Health (PDF)   Apr 2018 New
Teeth Brushing (PDF)   Apr 2018 New
Last Dental Visit (PDF)   Apr 2018 New
Early Development Instrument (EDI) mean scores (PDF)   Mar 2016
Early Development Instrument (EDI) vulnerable children (PDF)   Mar 2016
Enhanced Well-Baby Visit (PDF)   Feb 2017 New
7. Mental Health      
Depression prevalence   May 2005 Needs Update
Self-perceived work stress   May 2005 Needs Update
Self-perceived life stress   May 2005 Needs Update
8. Infectious Diseases      
Infectious disease mortality   July 2013  
Infectious disease incidence   Nov 2010  
Childhood vaccination coverage   May 2011  
Influenza and pneumococcal vaccination rate among long-term care facility residents   Jan 2009 Under Revision
Influenza vaccination rates among staff of long-term care facilities and hospitals   Jan 2009 Under Revision
Adverse events following immunization   Dec 2010 Under Revision
Influenza vaccination   Jan 2009 Under Revision
Pelvic inflammatory disease morbidity   May 2011  
Rabies   Apr 2009  
Adult pneumococcal vaccination   Jan 2009 Under Revision
Vaccine wastage   Jan 2009 Under Revision
9. Use of health services      
Contacts with medical doctors   Mar 2004 Needs Update
Visits to dentist in past year   Mar 2004 Needs Update
Regular medical doctor   Mar 2004 Needs Update

1. "Known Issues" are issues with the indicators or resources that have been raised by or brought forward to the Core Indicators Work Group but have not yet been addressed by the group. They are documented in more detail on the Identified Indicator/Resource Issues page. There is a link to this page included under this column for every indicator with an identified issue.
2. "Last Date Revised" refers to the last date that the indicator underwent a complete review. Minor changes may have occurred since this date and will be captured in the "Changes Made" section of each indicator along with a description of the changes made during any complete review.
3. "Under Revision" refers to any indicator which is currently undergoing a complete review either by the Core Indicators Work Group or by one of the current subgroups. Go to the Our Volunteer Workforce page for more information on these groups. "Under Development" refers to a new indicator that is being developed and has not yet been finalized. "Needs Update" refers to indicators which at minimum require updating to reflect the Ontario Public Health Standards (OPHS) rather than the Mandatory Health Programs and Services Guidelines (MHPSG) and/or change of data source and analysis checklist, for example to reflect the switch from the Provincial Health Planning Database (PHPDB) to IntelliHEALTH.