Our Vision

High-quality population health assessment informs all work that supports the health and well-being of Ontarians.

Our Mission

To provide a go-to resource for public health epidemiology in Ontario.
A note about the word go-to:
Informally, a "go-to person" is someone to turn to for expert knowledge, advice, or reliable performance, especially in a crucial situation [1] and to the Core Indicators Work Group a "go-to resource" means many things, including: the first place you check, a central resource with everything you need, and a trusted reference. 
[1]  www.dictionary.com/browse/go-to, accessed April 26 2017

Our Values

Core Indicators are:  
Accurately measuring what they say they measure and consistent over time and place.
Relevant and useful for public health decisions.
Designed for measurement and analysis by local public health units and partner organizations in Ontario.
Available for all dimensions of the topic areas identified in the Ontario Public Health Standards.
Strengthened by the expertise of public health partnerships.

Our Products

Core Indicator:

Indicator definition and metadata, trusted for population health assessment in all Ontario public health units. 

Model Indicator:

Indicator definition and metadata, recommended for population health assessment where data is available.  These indicators are based on data sources available at some, but not all, Ontario public health units. 

Indicator Gap:

Indicator placeholder, identified for future population health assessment work. This is for areas that could potentially be used to inform population health assessment but have not yet been tapped into.   

Data Source:

Metadata summary for public health data source available in Ontario; does not include the data itself.

Data Gap:

Data source placeholder, identified for data advocacy work.  This is for topics/areas/populations that are important for public health but where there are no data sources currently available in Ontario.  


Resources available to support core indicator operationalization.

Our Strategic Plan

The Core Indicators Work Group has identified 9 Strategic Goals to guide the decisions and actions for the Core Indicators Project 2017-2019 operational planning cycle.  

Updated: June 5, 2017