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  • APHEO Annual Report 2018: Moving Forward Together Jun 5, 2019

    Hello APHEO, On behalf of the 2018 and 2019 Executive committee, I am very privileged and pleased to present to...[Read More]

  • 2018 APHEO Conference and workshop - presentation slides now available Dec 19, 2018

    The presentation slides from the 2018 APHEO Conference and Workshop have been posted to the conference webpage . Thank you...[Read More]

  • 2019 APHEO Executive Committee Nov 28, 2018

    In follow up to the Annual General Meeting announcement, we are pleased to reveal the 2019 Executive Committee: ...[Read More]

  • APHEO's new Strategic Plan Feb 21, 2018

    Check out APHEO's new Strategic plan now available in the strategic plans section:  ...[Read More]

  • 2018 APHEO Executive Committee Feb 20, 2018

    Thanks to the 2017 APHEO Executive for their excellent work over the past year.   The 2018 Executive Committee...[Read More]

  • 2017 APHEO Conference: Presentations Available Dec 14, 2017

    Presentations from the 2017 APHEO Conference are now available online to members on the conference page .  Thanks...[Read More]

  • Core Indicators Strategic Plan Jun 5, 2017

    The Core Indicators Project Strategic Plan is now available .   This plan is the result of extensive work...[Read More]

  • 2017 APHEO Executive Committee Feb 8, 2017

    Thanks to the 2016 APHEO Executive for their hard work over the past year.   The 2017 Executive Committee are:...[Read More]

  • New Membership Fees Oct 6, 2016

    Dating as far back as 2006, APHEO's annual membership fees has remained the same.  Starting October 6, 2016 annual...[Read More]