New Membership Fees
Published on Thursday, 6 October, 2016

Dating as far back as 2006, APHEO's annual membership fees has remained the same.  Starting October 6, 2016 annual fees for APHEO memberships will  change from $50 to $80 for full memberships, from $25 to $50 for affiliate memberships and the annual student membership fee will remain at $25. As current members, the new prices will take effect upon your next renewal (on or before March 31st 2017).

In comparison to other similar Public Health organizations, APHEO's new annual membership fees remain very low.   This increase will maintain and enhance APHEO's ongoing efforts in providing members with support, resources and engagement for good value.  Specifically, this small increase will be used for (but not limited to): teleconference support, website maintenance and enhancements, and engagement events.  We would like to highlight some of the benefits of being an APHEO member for your use in the justification of APHEO’s annual fee.

At the individual level:

o   Interact with experts in the field of public health epidemiology in Ontario through our various forums/listservs, work groups, key events, and conferences

o   Become involved and influence the direction of public health epidemiology practice, through working groups on core indicators, analysis strategies, data sources, and strategic directions

o   Participate in professional development opportunities and assist in building capacity for knowledge exchange in Ontario

o   Receive and disseminate notifications of job postings

o   Attend and participate in APHEO’s engaging conferences and workshops at a discounted rate

o   Access to teleconference lines for APHEO-related work

At the organization level:

o   Benefit from comparability of health status measures through standardization of methods

o   Maintain best practices and current techniques in the field of public health epidemiology

o   Support a health-status evidence base at the local and provincial level

o   Enable your staff to gain connections with and contribute to  external boards, such as Public Health Ontario (PHO), the association of local Public Health agencies (alPHa), the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) and Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs), representing the public health epidemiological perspective

o   Access to free job-postings for a vast and comprehensive membership list reaching all of Ontario and nationally

The release of this announcement is to provide enough time and consideration for upcoming budgetary planning.  We ask that you take this information into consideration and share with those you deem appropriate.  I thank you for your continued support of APHEO and I look forward to continuing our efforts in advancing and promoting the practice of epidemiology in Ontario Public Health Units.
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