This website contains definitions (but not data) for over 120 public health indicators. Public health epidemiologists in Ontario collaborated with various partners to collate extensive information on each indicator. The result is a resource that enhances accurate and standardized reporting of information across public health units in Ontario.
The Core Indicators were originally created to link to objectives outlined in the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Mandatory Health Programs and Services Guidelines. They are now being revised to reflect the Ontario Public Health Standards released in November 2008. The Core Indicators form the foundation for community health status reporting in public health in Ontario.

It is our goal to keep the information on this web site as current and relevant as possible. Please contact the webmaster if you notice any outdated information, incorrect information or inactive links.


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Association for Public Health Epidemiologists in Ontario (APHEO) [Internet]. Toronto: APHEO; c2011. Core indicators for public health in Ontario: preterm birth rate; 2013 Jan 16 [cited YYYY Mon DD]. Available from here.

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2013 Jan 16: date the webpage was last updated/revised

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