Core Indicators Development Subgroup:

Cancer Prevention

A future subgroup will be recruited for the maintenance of measures related to cancer prevention.   

Ontario Public Health Standards Coverage

Cancer Prevention includes measurement of Cancer, as well as the related Exposure to Radiation (UV Exposure) topic area; which are relevant to the Chronic Disease Prevention and Well-Being, Healthy Environments, and School Health program standards.  Other cancer risk factors are included in other subgroups, such as Tobacco.  

    Subgroup Milestones:

  • Formed in February 2006; one of the first four subgroups as "Cancer and Risk Factors."
  • In March 2007, became the "Cancer, Smoking and Sun Safety" subgroup, as "Healthy Eating and Active Living" split off to form a new subgroup.  
  • Subgroup closed in 2009. 
  • In 2018, refocused again as "Cancer Prevention" subgroup, as a dedicated subgroup was created for "Comprehensive Tobacco Control."


This subgroup is currently in "Maintenance Mode" and is not recruiting at this time. 
Maintenance Mode activities are performed by one or two Leads, and include: 
    - assessment of any issues arising,
    - supporting overall Core Indicators project priorities, 
    - periodic review of subgroup products (indicators, datasources, and gaps), and
    - determining when to "activate" the subgroup: recruitment for development/revision work. 
If you are in interested in contributing to the Core Indicators project, please volunteer here

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Cancer Prevention


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Cancer, Smoking and Sun Safety Subgroup

Updated: December 12, 2015