Core Indicators Development Subgroup:

Health Outcomes

A subgroup focused on overall measurement of mortality, morbidity and quality of life.  

Ontario Public Health Standards Coverage

Health Outcomes are relevant to all foundational and program standards, and include: Mortality, Morbidity, and Quality of Life as named in the Population Health Assessment and Surveillance protocol, as well as the related measurement of Family Doctor.  Additionally, Chronic Disease Outcomes is a specific topic area named in the Chronic Disease Prevention and Well-Being program standard.  

    Subgroup Milestones:

  • Formed in February 2006; one of the first four subgroups as "Leading Causes" 
  • Closed in 2006.  
  • Reactivated in 2014-2015, as the "Potentially Avoidable Mortality" subgroup.  
  • In 2018, the Health Outcomes subgroup was created by merging two previous subgroups: Leading Causes and Potentially Avoidable Mortality.


This subgroup is not currently active. 

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Health Outcomes Subgroup

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